Exploring Different Styles Of Chain Link Fencing

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Exploring Different Styles Of Chain Link Fencing

24 April 2023
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Chain link fencing is a versatile and cost-effective option for homeowners and businesses seeking a durable and low-maintenance barrier for their property. Available in various styles, materials and finishes, chain link fencing can be customized to suit a wide range of needs and preferences.

Galvanized Chain Link Fencing

Galvanized chain link fencing is the most common and economical style of chain link fence. This type of fencing is made from steel wire coated in zinc, which provides protection against rust and corrosion. 

Galvanized fencing is a popular choice for residential and commercial properties due to its durability, affordability and ease of installation. It is an ideal option for those seeking a simple and functional fencing solution.

Vinyl-Coated Chain Link Fencing

Vinyl-coated chain link fencing offers an attractive and customizable alternative to traditional galvanized fencing. This type of fencing features a steel wire core coated in a layer of coloured vinyl, which provides additional protection against rust and corrosion while enhancing the fence's appearance. 

Vinyl-coated chain fencing is available in various colours, allowing property owners to match the fence to their desired aesthetic. Common colour options include black, green and brown, which can help the fence blend seamlessly with its surroundings.

Slatted Chain Link Fencing

Slatted chain link fencing adds an element of privacy to the traditional chain link fence design. This style features vertical slats or inserts woven through the fence's mesh, creating a semi-private barrier that obstructs the view from the outside.

Slatted fencing comes in many materials, including vinyl, aluminum and wood, and can be customized to match the colour and style of the chain link fence. This option is ideal for those who desire the durability and affordability of chain link fencing, but with an added level of privacy.

Decorative Chain Link Fencing

Decorative chain link fencing takes the basic chain link design and elevates it with ornamental features and accents. Decorative options can include the addition of decorative post caps, ornamental gates or custom patterns woven into the fence.

These stylish touches can transform a standard chain link fence into an eye-catching feature that adds curb appeal and enhances the overall appearance of a property.

Security Chain Link Fencing

Security chain link fencing is designed to provide an added level of protection for commercial, industrial or high-security properties. This type of fencing typically features a taller height, heavier gauge wire and smaller mesh openings to deter intruders.

Security chain link fencing may also incorporate additional security features, such as barbed wire or razor ribbon along the top of the fence.